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Vaccination StatusQuarantine PeriodTests RequiredRelease From Quarantine
Boosted individuals or adolescents travelling alone5 daysRT-PCR on Day-4 OR professional RTK(Ag) on Day-5Day-5 if the test result on Day-4 OR Day-5 is negative
Fully vaccinated without booster7 daysRT-PCR on Day-5 OR professional RTK(Ag) on Day-7Day-7 if the test result on Day-5 OR Day-7 is negative
Partially/Not Vaccinated10 daysRT-PCR on Day-8 OR professional RTK(Ag) on Day-10Day-10 if the test result on Day-8 OR Day-10 is negative
Effective from 24 January 2022

Apakah protokol bagi pengembara yang masuk ke Malaysia melalui Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL), Langkawi International Travel Bubble (LITB) dan MIDA-One Stop Centre (MIDA OSC)?

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