Close Contact

  • You are a close contact if you had a direct contact with a COVID-19 positive case, either face-to-face more than 15 minutes with a less than 1 meter distance and without wearing a mask or you had a physical contact.
  • If symptomatic, you are encouraged to isolate and perform a COVID-19 RTK (Ag) self-test on the first day you developed symptoms and also on the third day. If test result is positive, please refer to COVID-19 case management protocol.
  • If symptoms have improved, no COVID-19 RTK (Ag) self-test is required. You may be released from quarantine.
  • Asymptomatic close contacts are not required to quarantine, regardless of their vaccination status.
  • Monitor your symptoms and health status for 5 days from the day you were exposed to a COVID-19 positive case.

Updated on 22 April 2022