Mask-wearing Guidelines

  • Mask is mandatory indoors including in public transports
  • When outdoor, mask-wearing is optional
  • Mask-wearing in crowded areas outdoor is encouraged
  • Mask-wearing outdoor is also encouraged for high-risk groups such as senior citizens, individuals with comorbidities and immunocompromised individuals

Indoor examples (mask is mandatory)

  • In an office building, shopping malls, lift
  • Public transports such as buses, trains and e-hailing
  • In classrooms

Outdoor examples (mask is optional)

  • Outside of a house or office building
  • Bus stop
  • Parks, fields
  • Open air walkway or bridges

Situations where masks can be removed indoor:

  • While eating
  • When giving a speech or performing on stage
  • When exercising alone

Updated on 1 May 2022